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Having been Elliot’s client for 7 months, I would not hesitate to recommend him as an online coach to anyone looking to develop their physique - regardless of age, sex, goals, state of health and training experience.


Elliot deeply cares about his clients and has excellent communication skills. He is dedicated and works closely with you through every step of the journey to guarantee you achieve unbelievable results.


Elliot is compassionate, adaptable and empathetic - enabling him to work through your journey and help you overcome any challenges during the process. Most importantly, Elliot is enjoyable to work with and keeps things engaging and fulfilling. 


By the end of my journey with Elliot, he was not only an online coach but also a mentor. He helped me learn and develop in ways I didn’t initially expect.


The investment helped me sustainably improve my body and life and is one I would highly recommend to anyone!

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I started my journey at 96kg and went all the way down to 78kg at the peak of my fat loss phase and I’m now in the process of gaining muscle.


Alongside my results, I’ve achieved a huge body of knowledge around training, nutrition and of course, mindset.


I was initially apprehensive about the efficacy of online coaching but after seeing a friend of mine go through the process with Elliot, it was the proof I needed to take the plunge.


The biggest challenge I had was the shift that had to take place with my mindset, once I decided that I was willing to do whatever it takes, that’s when it all started clicking for me.

Looking back it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s paid off multifold, it’s given me exponential returns.

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I’ve been working with EHC for some time now and I’ve lost double the amount of bodyweight that I expected to and have made some incredible progress.


Elliot really cares about his clients, he’s invested in me fully and without him, I wouldn’t be the person who I am now.


He’s helped with my mental well-being as well as my physical well-being.


I was initially hesitant when seeing other people’s results and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to achieve what they had but I’ve done it and then some, if I can do it, anyone can.


I would 100% say stop thinking about joining and just take the first step, as every day you wait is one day more you’re keeping yourself from your goal as Elliot will get you to where you want to be.

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Having someone to be accountable to makes all the difference. Especially, during lockdown - when there can be less structure and the gyms are shut.


It made such a difference to have someone on your side, guiding and supporting through the process.


We built a plan around lockdown and got on with it - and the results speak for themselves.

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During my time with EHC, I have transformed in every meaning of the word.


Not just my body (Down 15 kilos and in the best shape of my entire life!) but also I am much more educated about health and fitness which is priceless!


Initially, the aspect of trying out yet another training and meal plan daunted me. I have signed up for a few over the years and while they worked well on the short term (normally 12 weeks), they mostly were not sustainable and the results were never lasting.


However, from the first time I spoke with Elliot Hasoon, I knew it was going to be different. EHC takes a much more holistic approach to weight loss and body transformation; assessing your stress levels, your lifestyle, and most importantly how to create a program that works for you in the longer term.


This program WORKS...BUT (and there is a big but here) you also need to be prepared to put the work into it.




I was working out regularly mostly doing HIIT classes but wasn’t quite getting the results I wanted.


I was coached by Elliot for several months and during this time I became incredibly diligent and committed to my training.


I lost weight on the scales, got way stronger and finally got the results I had been chasing for the last two years.


Elliot’s knowledge of nutrition, training and motivation makes him the real deal. 

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I have achieved more than I could ever imagine thanks to Elliot.

I have been told by many PTs in the past that my genetics would be a possible barrier in achieving the goal I desired and therefore always felt I had to be realistic and there was a limit to what I could achieve.


When I reached out to Elliot, I showed him a picture of my desired look and I remember clearly his words “ We can get you there”!! As a mother of four, I reached out to Elliot as I was really struggling to lose the baby weight I had acquired. Elliot understood my needs and put me on a plan that allowed me to continue to breast feed my baby.


Over a course of 6 months I dropped 18kg. I dropped back to my pre pregnancy weight which was honestly something I never thought I would ever achieve after having four children. I learnt so much about nutrition, which I now incorporate into my the meals for my entire family. 


Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

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From day one, Elliot was very interested in knowing my habits (diet, sleeping patterns, workload and social lifestyle). With all of that information, he was able to challenge me effectively, making smart changes to the game plan to ensure my body responded appropriately.


I can say with confidence that coaching by Elliot brought the best results I’ve ever been able to achieve. I am glad I made the decision to join, it was an investment that brought a huge return.


Also, based on my progress and renewed attitude, I was able to influence others. My wife, family and friends were so impressed with the positive changes to my body and overall well being – it led them to change their habits as well.


At the beginning of the programme, Elliot set us targets for my body weight and overall results. There were times where it looked like it would be hard to achieve these, but in the end, we got there. All the hard work in the initial phase paid off! Big thanks to Elliot.

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I've dieted in the past, put myself through what I believed was a calorie deficit and lost weight almost immediately, it was great but over the years it piled back on. 

Although the weight on the scale made me happy, I still wasn't happy with how I looked, my strength or stamina. 

Over the last two years without realising, I was at my heaviest and wanted to make a lifestyle change. A very close friend recommended EH Coaching and his results were amazing. 

This encouraged me to join and since Dec 2021 life has not been the same. 

I was eased into training and the importance of consistency and gradually building strength was highlighted regularly.. We didn't cut out any food groups from my diet and even had Christmas / other social events to enjoy food in between yet still see results. 

EH Coaching helped me understand nutrition better and pushed me to improve every week. 

This was the support, guidance and accountability I needed. I've built good habits that have allowed me to make changes in my life that are sustainable. I genuinely feel so happy and confident in my skin after a very long time- thank you so much!

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I achieved something I never thought I could do.


Exercising on my own accord without a personal trainer. Learning how to control my diet and become accountable for the choices I make with food.

I was hesitant due to having a busy schedule and trying to fit in all the training that I thought would be required. There were times where more exercise was required for the final push, but on the whole it was manageable.

Two of the biggest challenges I anticipated was controlling my diet and being able to fit things into my very busy schedule, both of these I was able to overcome.


If you are thinking about joining EHC then you clearly are not 100% satisfied with how you feel / look or both.


So give it a go - what’s the worst that can happen? 

If the process can get me doing exercise on my own accord and controlling my eating / binging habits then I know it can help absolutely anyone!

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Joining EHC was the best decision I made. My transformation has been more than the physical change, I embraced a growth mindset. 

Elliot is a phenomenal coach, his emphatic nature helped me to achieve my goals.


One of my biggest challenge I faced was prioritising self care. Elliot pushed me out of my comfort zone and I became stronger and resilient. 

For anyone who is thinking of joining EHC, my advice is just go for it! I have always been a yo-yo dieter and my health was never my top priority. EHC has unleashed a side of me that I didn't even know existed.


My self belief has grown and with hard work and determination my health has significantly improved.

My pictures speak for themselves!


Over a course of 5 months, I managed to achieve what I’ve wanted to for several years – lose that hellish tummy fat! I’m now feeling more comfortable in my clothes and more likely to wear things I wouldn’t have previously.


I’ve also managed to educate myself on food and what I put into my body in a way that I didn’t think was possible. My mind-set has changed significantly overall – in a very positive way, and I’m forever thankful to the EHC team for enabling this! 


I thought the whole thing would be a lot more complicated than it actually is. The support received via the weekly check-ins, webinars and podcasts make the whole process very user friendly! 


Best decision I made was taking the first step, the team are amazing – very approachable, understanding, helpful and very good at what they do, a credit to the industry for sure! 




I had been going to the gym for about 3 years on and off but felt that I stagnated with my progress and wanted to see some proper changes.


Elliot put together an amazing customised workout program and meal plan for me and even sent me a video talking through how everything will run. It is the small, really personal details that helped throughout my time with him, from making sure that I was satisfied after every meal to answering questions about how I can train, eat and sleep better. 


Having Elliot’s support and guidance whenever I needed was so helpful and had I not had him, I wouldn't have achieved my goal. There was a lot of temptation to quit in the middle of the process I embarked on, but having him there every step of the way is what kept me moving forward. 


I have taken away so much more than I could have asked for from my time with Elliot. Losing 12.5kg in 12 weeks was just the start for me, I can honestly say that it changed my life for the better. 

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During my journey with EHC I have regained control of my mental and physical health both of which slipped extremely because of the pandemic.


This is the most fittest and healthiest I have ever felt in my entire life and I have surprised myself in many ways, especially the distance and speed I run at now. Initially I was hesitant at starting EHC mainly because I didn’t know how it would fit into my life with a full time job which can be stressful and also finding motivation during a time where the country was going through uncertain times.


I realised I needed to be super organised with my meals and plan my week to be mentally prepared. Before I knew it, the components of the plan became second nature and it was smooth sailing.

The journey has been more than fat loss for me, it was about regaining control and power of my mind and challenging it further which I feel I have gained in 10 folds. So for anyone who wants to understand themselves, their triggers,  build a healthy relationship with food and exercise whilst losing fat, then EHC is the best investment you can make for yourself and your health!”

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I honestly thought I couldn't add any size/muscle to my physique after trying unsuccessfully for 8+ years.


However, I was fortunate enough to bump into Elliot and discuss what I was trying to achieve and we went from there. In a few months and for the first time ever I could physically see the progress I'd made (and currently making!) which made me immensely proud!


I'm no longer intimidated by the nutritional side of things and confidence in my training is through the roof.


I'd recommend Elliot to anyone who needs a push in the right direction like I did, as it turns out impossible is possible with the right knowledge!

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I've achieved a lot of things on my EHC journey, education when it comes to nutrition, fitness, sleep, it's clarified a lot of grey areas, it's been a very big eye-opener.


My results have gone beyond just the physical weight loss, it's had a ripple effect into all areas of my life, my confidence has increased, my performance at work has improved and I feel as if I'm a better mum, friend and partner, a happier person overall.

My journey has impacted my family too, we're all more conscious of our nutrition, we're doing more activity and sport together. 

Elliot and I have built a strong relationship, he's been extremely hands on and the connection we've built has been an integral part of the results I achieved.

There's a lot of dedication involved in the journey but it will absolutely be worth it, you will not regret it - It's been a fascinating journey and it's changed my life completely.

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I started my journey with EHC a with the goal of dropping weight, getting in to shape, and learning how to maintain my results during challenging periods.


My biggest hesitation was whether I would be able to commit to an initial diet and workout routine with a young child, whilst working from home, zero access to a gym during lockdown and a second child on the way! 


This was easily achieved through small steps, great coaching and week on week progression which ultimately lead to a weight drop of 3KG within the first four weeks of plan. 


My biggest challenge has always been managing my own diet according to my goals. This is what I found perfect about EHC! I was able to manage my food intake/macros after two weeks as advised accordingly by EHC and felt comfortable with what I ate whilst achieving the results I wanted to see.


For anyone considering a nutrition & training plan with EHC, I would strongly advise speaking to the team, and understanding how they can help you to achieve your goals.

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Elliot’s dedication to me as an individual has enabled me personally to make health and fitness a positive lifestyle change instead of a temporary fix.


Elliot is not only a fitness guru, but his passion for helping others, and his thirst to continually improve himself and his skill set is just another reason why I am inspired to continue my journey with Elliot.

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I started with Elliot towards the end of my day loss phase.


My weight had been static for some weeks and I was feeling a bit frustrated. Elliot helped drive off that last kilo and to date, I am 16 weeks post fat loss and still weigh less than when I started.


Most significantly, I am eating more freely and activity is less pressured.


Elliot has given me a calmer mindset to my lifestyle and journey.  


This has been invaluable in doing away with some of the negativity and self-criticism, allowing a more realistic approach to achieving and sustaining your goals.

Elliot is fabulous to work with- knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive but perhaps most importantly, empathetic.


I definitely feel stronger and more in control than I did a few months ago.



I'm delighted with the results and feeling really good.


I've lost exactly 11lbs since I begun, I probably lost more given the holiday and a couple of times I had life events, but all in all, I'm super happy.


Thanks so much for the continued support and willingness to meet me where I am throughout :)

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'I’ve lost double the amount of bodyweight that I expected to and have made some incredible progress.'

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'Looking back it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made and it’s paid off multifold, it’s given me exponential returns.

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'It's been a fascinating journey and it's

changed my life completely.'


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