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How To Stay Active During The Holidays

‘I’m travelling back home for Christmas.

I’ve got to prepare the house and cook for the family.

I haven’t even completed my Christmas shopping yet?

How am I going to fit in my training?

Should I just take this period off?’

These may be some of the thoughts going through your mind around this time of year.

If you read the nutrition blog on this topic, you’ll see one key message.

It’s 100% your decision to make.

However, if I make the effort to exercise, I always feel better for it and it makes it worthwhile.

Although, I do see the other side of the coin…

You have limited time with family and friends.

You may not have access to the gym or any equipment with you.

You may just want to rest vs think about the gym.

I get it.

If the idea of training or finding a gym sounds miserable, perhaps you go for an outdoor run or walk or do some yoga.

You could even get your family and friends involved, or just get a bit of breathing space and ‘you-time.’

If you’re open to the idea of training but are concerned about the time constraints, try a 20-30 min blitz.

It doesn’t have to be your usual elaborate and lengthy workout, something is always better than nothing.

If you’re still not keeb, then rest up, take the time off and come back stronger.

It comes down to the same overriding message - make a decision and own it.

Although, I do have a couple of final points for you to consider…

How do you feel after you exercise?

More energetic?


Feeling good from the endorphins flowing?

Wouldn’t you like to feel this way as much as possible?

The holidays can be pretty intense and full on.

Everyone is bringing their own energy, their stresses, etc, it can be a lot to handle.

It could be incredibly beneficial to have exercise to break up the day and be able to have some breathing space, time to disconnect and return feeling rejuvenated.

Still on the fence?

What are your long term goals?

Try some forward thinking…

Would it be beneficial to keep up the momentum over this period?

Maybe you want to avoid the feeling of starting back up again.

How much closer to your goals would you be if you continued to train?

It’s definitely worth considering…

So, if you do want to train, do it - make the most of the extra sleep, food and reduced stress.

Remember that you don’t have to commit to your regular and full on exercise regime, opt for something you really enjoy.

If you wake up in the morning and think, I fancy training legs today, or arms etc, run with it.

If you don’t, then simply own your decision, enjoy it and when the time comes, you’ll be fresh and ready to go.

Happy Holidays :)

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