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Over the past decade I've helped hundreds of people improve their health and fitness. 


I've made it my mission to help people transform their bodies and ultimately - their lives. 


I created EHC to provide a service that will get you to the best place you've ever been with your body and health whilst also showing you exactly how you can maintain these results for life. 

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We separate ourselves by offering a holistic approach to your transformation.

We focus on you as an individual and create a plan that will allow you to reach your goals whilst factoring in your lifestyle.

Our goal is for you to no longer need us. 

To be the last coaching service you ever need because you got the results you came for and know exactly how to maintain them long term.

We do this by providing clarity at the highest level so you know exactly what needs to be done to achieve your goal.

Accountability, so that you stay on course long enough to achieve your goal.

Education, we want to empower you with all you need to maintain your results for life.

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