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Danny Ly

Body Transformation Coach

'I've spent over a decade in the industry spending hundreds of hours helping clients realise their greatest potential in becoming the best versions of themselves physically and mentally.

A body transformation is SO much more than a physical change in how you look. It’s a 360 degree elevation in your physical and psychological well-being.'

Danny has spent a number of years on the gym floor working with clients in one of London's leading body transformation studios where he later became manager and mentor for other trainers. 

Danny also has a strong passion for functional medicine and is in touching distance of becoming a qualified naturopathic nutritionist which allows him to delve deeper into other areas of health such as gut health, diabetes, PCOS and more.


Danny enjoys anything science-y, reading non-fiction and olympic weightlifting!


What Is Online Coaching?

Online coaching is the most flexible, cost-effective and versatile way to reach your health and fitness goals.

We begin by creating a personalised training, nutrition and cardio protocol based on your goals and current lifestyle.

This is just the beginning.

The real value comes in the weekly check-in where we hold you accountable at the highest level and where we'll be coaching you through each stage of the journey.

We’ll be looking at variables such as your training, nutrition, sleep among many others so I can provide feedback and make any necessary adjustment for the week ahead.


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